Angel's Pictures

Finally had the honors of pictures for Angel. And I got to say, it ain't easy taking pictures in a 45 degree weather. It was cold out there! I had to keep my hands in my pockets. Not related to the topic, I'm eating Roasted Chicken while typing this blog. Sister Vivianne gave it to us along with a whole bunch of "pasalubong" that my parents will be bringing to our trip to the Philippines.  I haven't been there in 10 years! I bet a lot has changed. Yum...this chicken tastes good.

Anyways, I bet you're wondering who took these pictures. I'm giving all the credit to Jerome Esparar. He's quite a good helper and very good in photography. With his technical skills and my artistic ability, I was able to become the photographer I am today. He answered all the technical questions I had to photography. I get really lucky when I get him to photograph a wedding or even a photosession with him.

Jerome aka Jet Esparar


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