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I realized I never spoke about myself on this blog. I tried it a while ago, and never published it. My family and I moved here in 2008 from Pensacola, FL. Before that, we lived in Virginia Beach, Peachtree City, Philippines, Bonn Germany, Hamburg Germany, New York, Maryland, Nebraska, ..etc.etc. My dad is a minister, and our family mission brought us around the world.  Sort of like the military, but rather soldiers of God. I believe that landing in Fayetteville, NC has made me lucky as a photographer.

Okay, let me get to the news. Pregnant--nope! It is more of the plan that my husband and I have in place than news. We will be relocating to Jacksonville, FL  come August month! But no worries (do not fret), I will be back for all the weddings that I have booked until 2014, and I will still be taking on new weddings and photoshoots indefinitely. As a matter of fact,  I will be back two weeks after leaving. I don't want this to be a goodbye; just pretend that I am on a monthly vacation. I love my fayetteville clientele (you know who you are), and I would love to keep you for as long as I can. I will be back every month for several days for weddings and scheduled shoots around them- minis and all--sometimes even twice a month. My photography home base will still be Fayetteville, NC and now, expanding out to Jacksonville, FL.

We've driven to Jacksonville so many times over the past 13 years, that I remember that there are 6 miles from Owen Dr to 95-s, 40 miles until South Carolina, a whooping 200 miles in South Carolina, about 119 miles in Georgia, and another 30 miles to the house in Jacksonville, FL. 

Why Jacksonville?  I love the water--and Jacksonville is where family is. That in addition to a lot of other details (schooling, friends, etc.) that will improve our quality of life. We are also in the process of purchasing a new home, our first home-- and that's where we'd like for it to be.

On a personal note...I've never had to say goodbye before. My whole life, we moved dozens of times. Typically, we'd get notice that we have to move within a week (a week..sometimes less). We'd pack within a few days, and leave--different state/different country. I've never stayed in a place this long either. August will be the 5th year mark.

I kept on hesitating to tell everyone, but everyone's going to eventually find out--might as well spill the beans! It's so sad to say, because all of you are like family to me. I've seen couples during their engagement, wedding, pregnancy, and while their families are growing. With all of this said, I will be booking sessions far ahead of time. I will post open dates on my website calendar and facebook fanpage, and weekends can be opened if scheduled well ahead of time (1-2 months). (Schedule can be found here:

Also, anyone here in Fayetteville with a guest room wanting to adopt me? 2-4 nights/mo, max.  Photographer benefits include--Just keeping multiple options available. :)

Sincere your neighborhood photographer,


  1. I wish you the very best on this new journey of your life and business! You are going to do amazing in Florida!!!!!!!

  2. Your business will continue to do great bc you are so wonderful!!! Wish you all the best=)

  3. I love you cuzzo! Good luck on your new home!! More clients! :)

  4. Oh wow!! Congratulations on your new home, and may God continue to bless you.


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