A 2013 Review

In memory of Alton Jefferson. One of the greatest assistants I've ever met. He was respectful, hard working, and positive. He always made sure that I looked in the good, and one of the last things he made sure of in his life is to have some pictures with his family. This guy really loved what he did, and I am glad to have met him. What a poetic ending. The last session of 2013 turned out to be the last time I saw him.

This year will never be forgotten. We've lost people close to us, and a lot (A LOT) of our families grew. Being a photographer is an emotional job by capturing vital parts of a human's life. I get a chance to be there and see people before even giving birth, shortly after bringing a new child into this life, watching children grow within their first year, and people joining in marriage. I thank all of my clients for trusting me to capture this and making me a part of your lives. 






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