Stephanie and Elvin

Elvin and Stephanie's Wedding at the Fox Hollow was definitely a great memory. The groom was running around preparing every detail to make the wedding just perfect, while the bride was in her room touching up her make up and breathing deep breathes of nervousness. The excitement even gave me the wedding jitters. 

You know you're surrounded by love when the bride and groom smile at each other...and passes on that true sense of commitment. Life is not perfect, but the bonding between two during a day like this proves that they can encompass any problems or obstacles in life. On a personal note, that's what my dad told me. The test to see whether a marriage will last is if they can deal with any problem, and to see if they can find peace between each other. Any agree?

Anyways, small family wedding. Very intimate and enjoyable. I think what they had for the cake was a tres leche cake? That was yummy.. And Stephanie was definitely a gorgeous bride. Oh, and thank you Jerome for assisting me. You did a great job, and it'll be hard to find a skillful replacement. Anyone want to apprentice?


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