May's Tidbit-- this weekend and what's to come.

I was on the way from Fayetteville to Jacksonville on the Amtrak reading the Professional Photographers magazine. It talked about blogging, and says that it's okay to talk about personal and professional topics. I guess I first need to learn to blog regularly AND THEN put that into use.

Anyways, it was a long way to a special meeting I had in Orlando. Using the Amtrak is actually not that bad despite what many might believe. The train leaves at 1 am from Fayetteville, NC and goes all the way to Jacksonville, FL. My ticket costed $45 dollars per way with my AAA. Not bad at all. That's way less than what you would spend on gasoline and car costs. You also get to go to sleep on the train, recline your seat, and raise the leg rest. It's sort of like an airplane except you get more space and flexibility.

I should be on my way home soon. Home is waiting for me-boxes of photos to ship out and photos to edit. I promise, you'll get your photos soon. I also wonder what the next two weeks will be like...2 weekends, 4 we go. Wish me luck.


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