Chanel's Pre-prom

Beware, this is not my ordinary blog post. You'll be hearing my voice about the business and my love for photography.

As usual, this was a last minute photoshoot after Chanel had her makeup done at the Flawless Visions Salon with Carmen. On days that I give myself off, I sometimes get bored (Yes, I do get bored, too) and tend to want to take pictures, again. However, I do so for recreation.  It's nice to take pictures without worrying about having to edit a whole lot of them. In the business world of photography, Shooting the photo takes about 20% of the whole production time. The remaining 80% are the countless hours on a desk, stuck in front of a computer fine-tuning the photograph.

Oh, how I love to snap that camera. Oh, how I dread the countless hours of editing. I just can't help but edit, either. When I see that raw photograph in front of my screen, I just see all the possibilities. I just have to touch it and tweak it. To the best of my ability, I try not to go crazy with my photographs. Close to natural or even natural is the best. I try to make the skin look natural--not plastic, not a barbie doll, not a face made out of foundation powder.

Speaking of natural, here's the alternative. A few projects I did in college a couple of years ago:


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