November Tidbit

I'm so sorry, no pictures for this blog. I do have a lot to show you, but they are rather private and tasteful boudoir photographs. For now, I'll let you know what is soon to come up. I've done a photosession with a nice gentleman. His name is Jeffrey. You might have seen his photos on my myspace and facebook, but I'll definitely show you some of the ones you haven't seen. Also, the lovely sisters from Charleston, SC. Can't wait to show you those. They turned out really colorful.

Also, here are a few photos of the ladies we did a boudoir shoot with...remember them carefully, give me a call: 904-401-7605, and I'll give you access to a private online boudoir/ pin up gallery to see all the AFTERS! Ladies only please. I'm doing this procedure primarily for safety reasons. Thanks!



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