I should really blog more often. Remember those xanga days when people used to go on there like they go on facebook today? It'll be a way to describe myself and my photo experiences to you more well as a way to make you feel more comfortable with your photo session :D (<<<---- I like to use the smiley face, a lot, because I tend to smile and laugh a lot...because I'm happy! Well, lets start out with you can call me Angel. (Some people don't even know my name is "Angelita". I've started to love photography at an early age. I believe, during my freshman year of high school when I babysitted this cute girl, Janelle, I snapped away with my 1.8mm pentax film camera. Here's a preview:

I think now she's 8 years old. Wow, its been a while! Aside the typical photo talk, I went to eat sushi today with my parents at Sushi Court. Based on the other 5 Japanese restaurants I tried out here in Fayetteville, NC, I think they are my favorite. They have some good shrimp/yummy/white sauce. They should really give that sauce a definite term. Right next door a new frozen yogurt place opened up. Its similar to Mochi's in Jacksonville. They have various flavors including vanilla, mango, green tea, and peach..and you can add fresh fruits on top of it! It's should really try it out. It's next to Sushi Court at the shopping plaza off of Morgantan Rd. and McPherson Church Rd.

Back to my photo talk. I finally pushed myself into buying a new soft box studio light from Alienbees. I'm sure it'll be a good investment and will also give me more control during my at-home photosessions. I'm scheduling to promote more at- home newborn and glamour/boudoir sessions. Who's interested? I got a lot of vent up creativity in me.


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